The PERFECT Beef Holiday Party Appetizers

Holiday party season is HERE!  So instead of bringing the same dish, you’ve brought for YEARS why not mix it up with a few of these beef holiday party appetizers.

  1. Cajun Appetizer Meatballs – If you’re ever taken meatballs to parties or gatherings then you KNOW what a hit they are.  Typically, they’re the first to go.  This recipe kicks it up a notch with a bit of Cajun spice.  Give it a try!
  2. Beef Samosas – Beef and potatoes wrapped in phyllo dough and deep fried…can it get any better!  This recipe will take you a bit more time to make but it’ll be worth it.  I also personally think this is one for the party host to do because anything deep fried is best fresh.
  3. Fantastic Mexican Dip – A party isn’t complete without DIP!  This Mexican dip consists of layers of sour cream, beef, cheese and topped with lettuce, tomato, and black olives.  It’s a spin off the traditional 7 layer dip.  If you’re not an avocado fan (there’s one in my family) then this will be the recipe for you.
  4. Stuffed Mushrooms – You’re going to want to double or even triple this recipe for your next holiday party.  Mushrooms, ground beef, minced onions, and a nice cream sauce….now do you understand why they’re going to go fast?
  5. Cheesy Taco Dip – If you’re not really wanting to go to a WHOLE lot of trouble and time to fix your next holiday party dish then this is the one for you.  Simply brown the ground beef, throw it along with the rest of the ingredients into a crock pot, and cook for 1 hour.  You’re done!!
  6. Mini Crescent Roll Burgers – Perfect finger food.  It’s the onion soup mix that gives it the super savory flavor.  You could also adjust this beef holiday party appetizer recipe and use your favorite spices to appeal to your crowd. It’s versatile and super easy.
  7. Chef John’s Hot Sloppy Joe Mix – Make this one as mild or hot as you like with cayenne pepper, to taste.  Great served with baguette slices or toasted french bread.
  8. Grands Cheesy BBQ Cups – Biscuits….BBQ ground beef….and CHEESE!  Cook these in muffin tins for the perfect little appetizers.  Quick to make and easy to serve!
  9. The Whiz-Wit Dip – If you love food from Philly, then this is the dip for you to take to your next holiday party.  It has all of the flavors of a cheesesteak but in a dip.
  10. Korean Mandu (Egg Roll) – Finger foods of EVERY KIND is a must at holiday parties.  This recipe uses both beef and pork for an extra savory flavor. If you don’t like pork, or you don’t have it on hand, then replace the pork with an equal amount of ground beef.

As a reminder, remember, grass-fed and grass-finished beef requires less time to cook than traditionally produced commercial beef.  Make sure you reduce the temperature and/or time by about 30%.  Most of these recipes use ground beef, on those, simply reduce your heat just a little bit (or add a bit of additional liquid) while you’re browning it.  Happy Holidays and ENJOY these beef holiday party appetizers!